Meet Adolf, The Cutest Puppy To Ever Accidentally Look Like Hitler

Did you know that according to Dogwin’s Law, you lose an argument as soon as someone shows you an adorable puppy? This is Adolf, the chihuahua puppy who got his name when someone pointed out that the black markings on his face bore an upsetting resemblance to the hair and tiny moustache of Adolf Hitler. He has four other siblings who are up for adoption, but it is unknown if they also look like adorable, fuzzy versions of terrifying dictators.

Claire Walsh, who owns Adolf’s mother and lives in Swansea, Wales, says that she’s trying to get all five of the eight-week-old puppies adopted, but admits that she and her son Zak have grown attached to this puppy’s possibly anti-Semitic face:

“Zak loves him,” said Mrs Walsh. “He is the cheekiest in the litter, and is full of character.”

Walsh said that Adolf also shows signs of being very charismatic around large crowds of people, but shows preferential treatment to other white chihuahuas who don’t try to question him. He’s also a little stubborn when it comes to taking orders, but with a face that cute, pretty much everyone will let him be the boss. And when left unattended, he actually painted this:

Hitler's Sketchbook
Getty Image

Artist: Adolf Hitler


The Telegraph also pointed out that Mrs. Walsh and Adolf live just a handful of miles away from the house that looks like Hitler.

Swansea — Where everything looks like Hitler.

Source: The Telegraph via Twitter