A New Book Claims It Has Uncovered The Exact Drugs That Hitler Liked To Take And Feed His Troops

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It’s been long suggested that Adolf Hitler liked to partake in certain drugs, but a new book claims evidence of not only the exact substances that he enjoyed routinely, but also the drugs that he regularly shipped to his troops in the field of battle.

Norman Ohler’s book, The Last Rush, was recently released in Germany, and among its claims is one that reports that Nazi Germany forces were fond of Pervitin, a pill form of meth that supposedly kept the troops up for days and in a state of euphoria. The drug was created by the Temmler pharmaceutical company and was eventually banned in 1941. The Last Rush claims that Hitler once sent his soldiers a shipment of 35 million pills, which may account for the fact that they were following a complete lunatic into a World War.

Hitler wasn’t one to let everyone else enjoy the party, though, as he supposedly liked to imbibe Eukodal, a kind of heroin that kept him in a state of invincibility. Old Hits liked to stack that with animal hormones, because he was obviously batsh*t crazy. The German Nazis weren’t the only ones taking some sort of substance, as Ohler says the British took in quantities of speed which the Americans took as well.

So, basically, World War II was one big rave. But with weapons. And lots of death.

(via The Daily Beast)