Adult Film Stars Recall The Worst Reactions To Revealing Their Line Of Work

Some people have normal jobs. Jobs where skills can be cultivated in school, honed over years of experience and most people won’t bat an eye at when a conversation turns to work. Some of us have weird jobs, though, and small talk with new people almost always turns to talking about what each respective person does for a living. Whenever I say that I’m a writer I get all sorts of reactions. People think that it’s really cool, will share their desire to some day write a novel and the admiration for my profession. All of the while I’m thinking about the weird struggles, the fluctuating pay, the rejection, the people being rude or even attacking me on the internet and all I can think is, “at least you have real life skills.”

There are a lot of professions that share that kind of knee-jerk reaction in people, although some more than others. I can’t even imagine what it would be like telling something that I worked in the adult industry, though. That has to be a little weird. Complex shares the story of a video where adult actors and actresses describe reactions to revealing what they do for a living.

You can probably guess some of them, ranging from name-calling, disownment to awe and everything in between. There are a few really incredible, honest reactions in said video, but the one that sticks out the most is from male performer Mickey Mod, who had a friend grow creeped out by his profession and refuse to let Mod near his children.

“I know that sometimes people make the assumption that people who work in pornography are a danger to children, but we all work with adults here,” he said. “We’re all adults, consenting. A lot of times when you hear about people being a danger to children, they tend to be in places where … the children are. You hear that all the time about teachers, priests. A lot of people we put trust into…”

That’s… kind of heart-breaking. Sex is a part of adult life and while some people might not agree with the adult industry and those who participate in it, everyone inside of the industry is a person just like you or I.

(Via Complex)