Two Pilots Have Separately Reported Seeing The Same UFO Over Arizona


It’s been a pretty great few years for UFO hunters, be they skeptics or believers. The CIA is declassifying files of all sorts, and even the military is admitting there’s weird stuff they can’t quite explain. That’s also followed an intriguing increase in reports of UFOs, including the latest from Arizona that happened in late February.

As reported by The War Zone, one of the stranger aviation incidents in recent days happened over the state, as two aircraft both observed something at 40,000 feet with a “big reflection,” but the height alone is attention-getting:

The initial report came from N71PG, the Learjet, asking Albuquerque Center if traffic had passed above them. The controller replied “negative,” meaning that there was no traffic to his knowledge that would account for such an observation. The Learjet pilot replies defiantly, “somethin’ did.” Another pilot chimed in on the frequency saying “a UFO” and the Learjet pilot replied “yeah.”

A few minutes later, the controller asks American 1095 to let him know if they see anything “pass over you here in the next 15 miles.” The American Airlines pilot replies in a puzzled manner “if anything passes over us!?”

Keep in mind, while it’s not uncommon for military aircraft to fly at 40,000 feet, it’s also a bit unusual for any military aircraft to fly so close to civilian air paths unless absolutely necessary. That said, there are several military bases within a few hundred miles of the area of the incident, a stone’s throw for most aircraft. But that’s sort of ruled out by the fact that the FAA provided tapes of the incident when asked, and has confirmed it has no idea what the heck this object even is.

The most obvious answer is that somebody, be it a military organization testing a new aircraft or a private company testing, say, a long-flight solar device that didn’t bother to clear that with anybody. But it’s still intriguing, and until we have a definite answer, hey, aliens are still on the table as an answer.

(via Huffington Post)

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