Al Roker Scored A Fist Bump From Joe Biden During The Inauguration Parade, And America Is Feeling Giddy

Al Roker‘s colleagues are absolutely loving that the beloved anchorman scored a fist bump from Joe Biden on the parade route to the presidential inauguration. In a video shared by The TODAY Show, you can see Biden surprising his wife Dr. Jill Biden and everyone walking alongside him as he spots Roker in the crowd and immediately breaks away to deliver a fist bump to his old pal. You can actually hear Biden say in the clip, “We gotta keep doing this,” and the viral moment has been blowing up on social media.

Besides the fact that not everyone gets chance to share a fist bump with the President of the United States, what makes this moment particularly special is that Roker pulled off a similar feat during Barack Obama’s second inauguration (a thumbs-up from Obama and a handshake from Biden) in 2013. Here’s Roker explaining the history behind his epic fist bump skills below:

Knowing how much the moment means to Roker, who’s been battling prostate cancer since November, his colleagues in the media heaped praise on the beloved TV personality for pulling this off again. Plus, it’s just damn cool.

Granted, Biden and Roker have an ongoing bromance that would make Leslie Knope jealous, the newsman reportedly had a trick up his sleeve in case he was having trouble luring Biden over once again. That trick? Snacks. And not just any snacks, but snacks from Wawa, an eastern PA staple that should be tempting to a scrappy Scranton native like Biden.

(Via TODAY on Twitter)