Scorned Alex Jones Says He’s Ready To Sell Trump Down The River And ‘Dish All The Dirt’ He Has On Him

Just days after being violently attacked by his wife, who spent the Christmas holiday in jail, InfoWars founder Alex Jones is all broken up about a different relationship: The end of his bromance with Donald Trump.

Nearly two weeks ago, the former president was booed by his once-loyal followers in Dallas when he admitted that he had received a COVID booster. While, in the moment, he tried to play it off like it was just a “very tiny group” of people who were aghast at his newly pro-vaxx status, the roar of disapproval grew as word spread that President Drinkbleach had rolled over and believed science over baseless conspiracy theories. Chief, or at least loudest, among these voices was Jones, who spent Christmas Day railing against Trump, who he decided was either “completely ignorant… or one of the most evil men who ever lived.” (Can “both” be an option?)

Several days later, Jones was still yelling about Trump’s betrayal, which he took as a personal affront.

Now, as Mediaite reports, it appears as if Jones has reached the fifth and final stage of grief: acceptance. As a result, he’s now offering to spill all the dirty details he knows about Trump. According to Mediaite:

In his latest show, the InfoWars chief said “we all wish Trump would do the right thing,” but then he claimed to have “the inside baseball on Trump. He doesn’t know what’s going on.” After suggesting “we need to move on” from Trump, Jones suggested that he’ll get Trump’s attention if he decides to “dish all the dirt” he has on the ex-president.

“Maybe I should just dish all the dirt. You know what? I am going to dish it all on Trump next hour,” Jones said. “It’s not to hurt Trump, it’s so people can know how pathetic he is when you think he is playing 4D chess, going to save you and he’s not! He’s not a bad guy, but he doesn’t know what he’s doing.”

While it all sounds a bit like a ransom demand, who knows what Jones may or may not know about the former POTUS. To be continued…

(Via Mediaite)