Trump Was Booed By His Biggest Fans After Saying That He Got The COVID Vaccine Booster Shot

Between the low attendance, terrible weather, and public disagreements, Donald Trump and Bill O’Reilly’s “History Tour” is going great! But if you kept meaning to buy a ticket to see two grumpy men talk about Abraham Lincoln being canceled by the woke mob, or whatever, you’re too late: the tour came to an end in Dallas, Texas, on Sunday, although not before the former-president was booed for saying that he got a booster shot.

“Both the president and I are vaxxed. Did you get the booster?” O’ Reilly said, to which Trump replied, “Yes.” This did not sit well with some in attendance (including members of the QAnon group Negative48). “Don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t,” Trump responded after hearing the loud jeers, adding, “It’s a very tiny group over there.”

Speaking of tiny groups:

Despite the touting of massive crowds by both Trump and O’Reilly, photos and videos on social media show empty seats were a regular feature at venues throughout the tour. Steven Monacelli wrote in Rolling Stone that he moved from the “cheap seats in the second section” to a “half-empty” center row closer to the stage.

You can hear the boos in the video below:

Moments before, Trump spoke about the importance of getting vaccinated (while also speaking about the importance of himself). “We did something that was historic. We saved tens of millions of lives worldwide — we together, all of us,” he said. “We got a vaccine done in less than nine months. It was supposed to take from five to 12 years. Because of that vaccine, millions and millions of people — I think this would have been like the Spanish flu of 1917 where up to 100 million people died. This was going to ravage the country far beyond what it is right now.” He added, “Take credit for it. Take credit for it. You’re playing right into their hands [when you doubt the vaccine].”

(Via Newsweek)