Alex Jones Plans To Plead The 5th To The Jan 6th Committee Because He Doesn’t Want To ‘Spend The Rest Of My Life In Prison’ For Lying Under Oath

The subpoenas are flying out of the House Select Committee that’s investigating January 6, and although Steve Bannon is out on bail after arrest on contempt charges, that won’t stop the avalanche. Michael Cohen is predicting that the Trump siblings will be on the list at some point, but on a less hypothetical and more concrete note, Roger Stone and Alex Jones received brand spanking new legal documents on Monday. The Republican operative with a Nixon tattoo also recently received lawsuit papers during a live radio interview, and let’s just say that their legal representation will be busy.

As for Jones, the notorious conspiracy theorist and InfoWars host (who also assisted in organizing the “Stop The Steal” rally held by Trump immediately before the insurrection) made it clear that he isn’t going down easily. In fact, he will plead the Fifth Amendment because, in his words, “I’m not an idiot!” Here’s the rest of his rationale, in which he argues that simply because he’s taking the Fifth, people shouldn’t assume the worst. Via Mediaite, he believes that the committee will accuse him of lying no matter what and go from there, so he’s trying to shut them down:

“They will claim I lie about something to the committee, which isn’t even true. I wouldn’t lie….. I’m probably going to declare the 5th. Not because I’ve done anything wrong, but because these people are political criminals that have an axe to grind and have been bragging everywhere they want to put me in prison, okay? I don’t intend on spending the rest of my life in prison.”

Well, the Fifth Amendment does protect the right against self-incrimination, so Jones can plead whichever way he wants, but those dominoes might still eventually fall against him. He’s worried about accusations of lying, and insists that he would not lie. Will Congress believe him?

Jones hasn’t had a fantastic month. He was recently found civilly liable in defamation suits brought by families of Sandy Hook victims after years of claiming that the tragedy was a “false flag” attack. And with this January 6 business, there could very well be criminal repercussions, too. Time to eat a massive bowl of chili while you can, man. Not because of anything, you know, in particular. It’s just always a decent idea.

The New York Times is also reporting that more subpoenas, including for Proud Boys and Oath Keepers, are also on the loose. It’s like an Oprah holiday special up in there.

(Via Mediaite)