An MSNBC Anchor Is Apparently Trolling Delusional Trump Supporters On Parler

The first few days of 2021 have unfortunately been more of the same from 2020, with Republicans denying election results even as Joe Biden’s inauguration as the next president of the United States grows closer. At times it truly feels like some of Donald Trump’s most rabid supporters are living in a completely different country. And at least part of that group is on a different social media network as the rest of us: Parler.

Though a good portion who migrated over to the “free speech” social media site have found their own complaints with it, many still feel more mainstream sites like Twitter and even Facebook are somehow censoring their thoughts about Trump and his baseless allegations of voter fraud that have fueled conspiracy theories and other election nonsense. Which is why so many people seemed to enjoy discovering that an MSNBC anchor, Ali Velshi, has taken to trolling Parler users with messages that poke fun at just how absurd they sound while supporting Donald Trump’s undemocratic effort to overturn election results.

The latest message was noticed by the excellent NBC News reporter Ben Collins, who covers the dystopia beat for the network. On Saturday, he shared on Twitter a message from Velshi that parodied the numerology that many QAnon followers and other Trump truthers often use to link together seemingly innocuous things into a grand conspiracy against the soon-to-be-former president.

“Friends, today is 1-2-21. In a month it will be 2-2-21. And a year after that it’ll be 2-2-22. A year and a month after that it will be 3-2-23. This is just weird,” Velshi wrote. “Don’t let them get away with this.”

Without the “don’t let them get away with this” it just seems like a harmless, normal-person tweet from a bygone era. But it’s a pitch perfect example of just how weird the Trump fringes get. There’s nothing unusual about the inexorable march of time, but to so many who are dead-set on Trump winning a second term and convinced everyone’s conspiring against him, even the dates on a calendar can seem dangerous.

But as it turns out, others have noticed Velshi sending various messages as bait for Trump supporters to amplify. It’s a funny bit, if you’re willing to potentially give Parler a bunch of information to verify that it’s you behind the account sending those messages. For everyone else, though, we’ll just have to wait until those messages are shared outside of that very exclusive, very weird social media site.