Alton Brown Provides More Power To An Average Pepper Mill With This Helpful Life Hack

Alton Brown is all about providing little life hacks on YouTube. We brought you one the other day that raised a lot of questions about how much mustard one man actually needs in his fridge. Luckily, this one featuring a twist on the average pepper mill is a little more interesting.

Brown channels Tim Allen and gives his pepper more power by modding the mill to work with an electric drill. You could almost hear the Amish scoff at such wicked magic, probably while beating you senseless for selling bootleg chairs and introducing them to the Internet (I’ve been watching a lot of Amish Mafia, sue me).

I still prefer the classic pepper shaker myself, but this is a lot better than the egg carton in the fridge door trick by far. If anything, it’s just nice to know that grilling season is just around the corner and that power drills aren’t just for manual labor and creative creeps.

(Via Alton Brown)