Amanda Bynes Has Been Placed In A Psychiatric Facility After She Waved Down A Passing Motorist And Told Them That She Was Having An Episode

Over the weekend, former Nickelodeon actress (and star of several hit movies in the aughts) Amanda Bynes had been scheduled to make an appearance at a 1990s-based convention event in Connecticut. For previously undisclosed reasons, Bynes pulled out of the event, and one of her All That co-stars, Kel Mitchell, expressed that he was “praying” for her. Mitchell and his other co-stars, including Kenan Thompson, further stayed mum on the subject, and TMZ is now following up on the reason why Amanda missed the event.

Notably, this would have been the first public event following Bynes’ bipolar diagnosis and court-ordered conservatorship, which wound down in spring 2022. However, TMZ now provides a sad update, which is that Amanda experienced what she described as a “psychotic episode” and began roaming the streets unclothed. Reportedly, she requested help from a passerby car and phoned 911 on her own accord. Here’s what TMZ is currently reporting:

An eyewitness tells us … Bynes was seen walking near downtown Los Angeles early Sunday morning without any clothes. We’re told Bynes waved a car down, telling the driver she was coming down from a psychotic episode. Amanda herself then called 911.

Our law enforcement sources say Bynes was taken to a nearby police station, where a mental health team determined she needed to be placed on a 5150 psych hold.

TMZ adds that Bynes remains on a 5150 hold pending further evaluation.

Bynes starred in All That for several dozen episodes in the late aughts. She went on to theatrical ventures with What a Girl Wants, Hairspray, She’s The Man, and Sydney White before stepping away from Hollywood amid ongoing personal troubles and being placed under the aforementioned conservatorship.

(Via TMZ)