Amber Heard Roasts Australian Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce While His Citizenship Scandal Rages Down Under

Getty Image

Back in April 2016, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard came under fire in what became informally known as the Terriergate scandal. Heard ended up taking the heat for smuggling the couple’s two terriers into Australia, and the most bizarre apology video surfaced, which is almost terrifying to watch in hindsight. In the end, Australian Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce repeatedly admonished the couple for disregarding quarantine laws, and while no one went to jail, Heard paid a substantial fine and became a fleeting international laughing stock. Now, Heard has had her revenge while mocking the heck out of Joyce, who’s currently embroiled in his own scandal.

Joyce has been outed for holding dual citizenship between Australia and New Zealand, which is a big no-no, for Australia prohibits dual citizens from running for public office, and there’s Joyce, flaunting the law. Of course, Joyce isn’t the first Aussie politician to bend the rules, but Heard is having quite the time raking him over the grills after he merrily did so to her. Joyce famously lectured Heard and Depp by stating, “No one is above the law,” and Heard did the same to Joyce while adding a kiwi/biodiversity laws joke.

Not bad, really. Let’s hope she really sent him those kiwis, and someone takes a photo of his face while receiving the package. However, Joyce is still on the hook for his dual citizenship, and even Australian Attorney General George Brandis can’t say for sure whether the deputy PM’s career shall survive. Drama down under!