An Arizona Woman Called 911 Because Of A Squirrel Fighting A Snake

Apparently it’s “snake season” right now in Arizona, to which I assign a big, heaping can of “nooooooope.” Scottsdale authorities say they’ve taken nearly four hundred calls from residents who report seeing these slithery fiends near their homes, streets or sidewalks. One such resident actually called 911 after witnessing a snake-squirrel fight in her own backyard. AZFamily reports:

“It’s a low-priority call,” Division Chief Jay Ducote told 3TV. “If we had a higher priority call, we’ll go on that, but we can come out and remove the snake.”

Wednesday afternoon, a woman in a gated community near Pinnacle Peak and Scottsdale roads found a gopher snake fighting a squirrel in her backyard. She called 911 and firefighters came to the rescue.

They used a snake grabber to put the injured snake into a bucket and drove it back to the desert.

On one hand; squirrels — obviously not trustworthy. On the other hand, anything that takes down a terrifying snake is A-OK in my book. Right Gene? Take it away:

Here’s footage of the news report, if you enjoy watching a snake attack a camera:

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