Give Anderson Cooper All Of The Fat Cats

When we first brought you news of Meow, the ridiculously fat cat, he weighed 39 pounds, the equivalent of a 600-pound human. His 87-year-old owner likely fed him a diet of hot dogs for two years before Animal Humane of Santa Fe stepped in to save him from all those healthy ingredients.

We have an update: Not only did Meow get to meet Hugh Grant, but he’s also lost two pounds and recently visited Anderson Cooper and Kristen Johnston on daytime TV talk show Anderson. We need to install Meow as the permanent sidekick on the show and rename it Anderson! or perhaps The Silver Fox and the Jolly Feline. Just look at these pictures and tell us you wouldn’t watch Cooper and Meow go on adventures:

I like that this looks as if Cooper and Meow are both disturbed by Kristen Johnston’s enthusiasm.

This is mesmerizing. What is that cat thinking?

Seems legit.

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