Between Anderson Cooper’s Stunned Face And Trump’s Butt-Shaking, Last Night Was A Big One For The Village People

As you are probably aware by now, Donald Trump busted out his dance moves to the Village People’s “YMCA” during his Florida (superspreader) rally. He joyously shook it despite a rising death toll (215,000+) and number of official U.S. COVID cases (7.83 million) and also despite the Village People asking him to please stop using their music for his campaign (President Roid Rage didn’t seem to notice that request).

The irony of Trump’s chosen tunes was not lost on those spectating from home, nor was it avoided by CNN’s Anderson Cooper, who had a live reaction to hearing that Trump was also playing “Macho Man.” There were two key facial expressions that the Coop made during this segment. The one above ^^^ shows him attempting to process the situation and also not laugh. Then there’s the sheer incredulity of it all. While tweeting the below clip, Nikki NuVogue wrote, “Anderson Cooper is every gay man in America right now when he hears Macho Man playing at a Trump Rally. The irony of a gay anthem playing at a Trump Rally is lost on the crowd.”

This moment in time says it all, right?


Imagine being live on air while witnessing this bizarre spectacle.

The whole Village People thing may or may not be why Joe Scarborough employed the word “macho” while hashing out how Trump’s rally was a largely maskless one, and that includes White House Chief Of Staff Mark Meadows while he spoke to reporters. As Scarborough described the situation, though, this is all “part of a macho death cult.”

Trump will hold another rally on Tuesday night in Omaha, Nebraska.

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