Rudy Giuliani’s Son Andrew Went On Russian State TV To Complain About The Investigations Into His Dad’s Sleazy Dealings

If your totally innocent dad is looking down the barrel of a federal indictment for possible shady dealings with foreign enemies of the state, the best way to help clear his name is not to go on Russian state TV to complain about how unfairly the American government is treating your pops. That’s one lesson we can all learn from walking SNL skit Andrew Giuliani, son of unofficial spokesperson for Four Seasons Total Landscaping, Rudy Giuliani.

As Raw Story reports, the younger Giuliani fought through a couple of technical difficulties to chat with Scottie Nell Hughes of Russia Today, a state-controlled network where Putin-approved propaganda reigns. When he wasn’t nearly blinding viewers with his unnaturally bright chompers and plastered-on smile, Andrew was whining about the FBI and perpetuating conspiracy theories about the very real investigation into his father.

When Hughes mentioned that they had recently learned that Rudy has been under investigation for two years, and asked whether the Giulianis were aware of that, Andrew said no—then dug right in with lie number one:

“Actually, it’s absurd when you think that the President of the United States’ lawyer—where they have privileged information between the two of them—that that iCloud account would be hacked into by the Department of Justice is absolutely absurd. When you think about that, if that could happen to the presidents’ attorney, that can happen to any one of us.”

What we call a “legal search warrant,” Andrew Giuliani calls “hacking.” Tomato, potato.

Like his dad, Andrew is kind of bad at interviews. Or at least not very good at being surreptitious. So when he answered the part of Hughes’s question about what was happening right now with Rudy’s case, he took the opportunity to make his leaky-headed dad and go after—yep, you guessed it!—Hunter Biden.

“Where is it now? Basically, my father still has the one piece of incriminating information in his apartment that the FBI did not take that happens to be Hunter Biden’s hard drive.”

So, if we’re understanding this correctly: The FBI raided Rudy’s apartment at the crack of dawn and confiscated all of his personal electronic devices. But when they came across Hunter Biden’s hard drive, which presumably they did, they just said, ‘no thanks!’” While Andrew likely hoped that made it sound as if the FBI was only interested in information relating to Donald Trump, and didn’t want to get their hands dirty with Biden business, it actually accomplished quite the opposite. But since he was on Russia Today, nobody really cared or questioned him.

You can watch the full clip (if you really want to) above.

(Via Raw Story)