Andy Richter Put A Fellow Passenger On Blast Over Bare-Feet Antics On A Flight

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Longtime Conan sidekick Andy Richter was stuck in a nightmarish travel situation on Sunday, when his flight from New York City to Los Angeles got sidelined twice due to inclement weather. And to top off the whole ordeal, while initially waiting for his flight to take off, he was stuck sitting across from a fellow passenger who removed his socks and shoes, adamantly putting his nasty bare feet up on the screen in front of him.

“So I snitched this fucker out to the flight attendant, who told him to put them down,” tweeted Richter. “Puts them back a few minutes later & I asked him to put them down. ‘They’re your bare feet, man.’ He was shocked & put them down. When he just put them back up I decided fuck it, I’m tweeting.”

Despite having been asked twice to put his feet down, the guy was somehow shocked when asked to put them down a third time, just before having to deplane. “It’s a basic airplane courtesy thing,” explained the flight attendant.

It didn’t take long for others to jump in to express their solidarity with the disgusting situation by sharing similar instances of passenger shenanigans, or by making jokes to lighten the mood.

Others, including comedian Nick Kroll, pointed out that even the passenger’s own dog (yes, there was a dog) seemed to be judging him:

Eventually, some six or so hours later, Richter finally boarded a flight to take him home — sans bare feet guy. “We got on and off the plane twice,” he tweeted. “I’ve been at JFK long enough to get a little drunk twice. Mazel, everybody.”

A few years back, comedian Kumail Nanjiani experienced a similar ordeal on a flight from North Carolina to Los Angeles, which he also tweeted and coincidentally later recalled on Conan. In that instance, the passenger in question actually went so far as to take his pants off — yet blessedly at least left his socks on. Thank god for small miracles.