An Animal Shelter Is Enlisting The Help Of ‘Pokemon Go’ Players To Walk Dogs


Pokemon Go’s worldwide domination has caused a number of issues as of late. From arrests to people finding Pokemon in awkward places, the catch em’ all fever has dominated the news cycle in just the short week since it launched. While there are some who want to lambast users recollection of their ’90s joy, there are some that are using the app for the greater good.

A Muncie, Indiana-based animal shelter is recruiting Pokemon Go users to help walk their dogs. As they participate in this charitable act, users will be able to train, battle and catch every Pokemon they see on their walking route. This offer by the Muncie Indiana Shelter seems to be killing two birds with one stone; their dogs will get a healthy daily walk, while users don’t have to break into places to score an exotic Pokemon. Shelter founder Phil Peckinpaugh told ABC News the idea dawned on him while playing with his daughter, noticing everyone who walked playing the popular app:

“I started playing with Ruthie, and it was actually pretty fun. Then the other day, while on my way to work, I noticed droves of young people walking around playing this game. I thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be great if all those people were walking with our dogs?'”

Peckinpaugh started right away recruiting Pokemon trainers in the area, with a simple poster relating his wish to help them out:

Since sharing the flyer on Tuesday, it has received more than 27,000 shares and 8,000 reactions on Facebook. Peckinpaugh said dozens of people have helped out so far and they are becoming busier every day. Pokemon Go is great for dog walkers and even better for the animals themselves.

(Via ABC News)