Of Course You Want To Watch Anna Kendrick Play ‘F, Marry, Kill’

E! News’ Mark Malkin had the distinct pleasure of interacting with Anna Kendrick and Adam Devine for a rousing game of “F*ck, Marry, Kill.” Actually, the game Malkin introduced was “Shag, Marry, Kill,” but that did not fly where Kendrick was concerned. She couldn’t stop dropping the f-bombs. This was a fitting tie-in for the film these two stars are promoting, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, which sees Devine and Zac Efron macking on the ladies, but ending up with a taste of their own unrespectable medicine. Here, Kendrick proves she was the perfect actress for the role with her stunning ability to shock Devine’s sensibilities into submission. She loves the f-word.

In this video, Kendrick considers the all-important decision between Thor, Superman, and Batman. Faced with these choices, she makes the atypical decision to marry Thor simply because she wants to live in Asgard, but — as Devine points out — that decision allows one to f*ck Thor forever. So, that’s a win, and she considers the remaining two superhero selections through the lens of Kevin Smith’s Mallrats, which is probably going to win her even more nerd cred than she’s already earned.

Really though, it’s Kendrick’s thoughts on Christian Grey that tie this segment together, long before the inevitable Zac Efron question comes into play.

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