Another Potential ‘Ant-Man’ Director Might Take ‘Ghostbusters 3’ Instead

Ant-Man went from a movie that was eagerly anticipated to one where we’re more interested in the job interviews surrounding it than the actual movie. And hot on the heels of Adam McKay bailing is the rumor that another candidate might opt for Ghostbusters 3 instead.

The candidate in question? Reuben Fleischer, according to Screen Rant. We know, we know, it’s not like we haven’t been here before, but this might actually motivate Sony to lock in a date and a director solely to screw over Marvel.

The bad news is that of the leaked list, and with Adam McKay bailing, that leaves Rawson Thurber Marshall, the guy responsible for a bunch of forgettable comedies like We’re The Millers. And sure enough, rumor has it he’s the front-runner to take over the movie. The only thing that might trip Marvel up is if some other studio offers him a better script or more money to do something else.

Which is actually a distinct possibility: The possibility of derailing a competitor’s film and forcing them to give up prime summer real estate is hugely tempting to movie studios. At this rate, Marvel’s going to have to come back to Edgar Wright.