The 10 Best Apple Maps Image Parodies So Far

Last week Dan updated us on the fact that Apple Maps are indeed as terrible as advertised, and in the short time since iOS 6 was released the internet has of course been hard at work documenting Apple Maps suckiness and attempting to out clever each other with parodies.
I haven’t attempted to compile all the Google vs. Apple map comparisons out there. There are literally thousands of them (see plenty here) and after you’ve seen a couple you’ve seen them all, and personally if a map isn’t a landscape where I can work it in a “sure it’s not a close up of balls?” line it’s really not worth it.
So here are ten funny to slightly humorous pop culture and/or meme-y image parodies I’ve seen so far. Someone please create the definitive Doc Brown parody stat.
Sources: Know Your Meme & #Apple+Maps
I know I said no actual maps but this one made me chuckle.