Arnold Schwarzenegger Was Drop-Kicked By Someone At An Event And He Barely Even Flinched

05.18.19 3 months ago


Arnold Schwarzengger is 71 years old. That’s something to consider when watching the below video, in which the bodybuilding legend, former governor, and sometimes Terminator gets drop-kicked and barely notices.

The incident occurred Saturday in South Africa. Schwarzenegger was at the Arnold Classic Africa, a bodybuilding event held in Johannesburg, taking a Snapchat video with fans, minding his own business. Out of nowhere… well, you can watch the video, although it’s a bit blurry.

Here’s another angle:

As you can see, one of the attendees leapt at Schwarzenegger with all his might, kicking him right in the small of his back. But instead of taking the screen legend down, it was the assailant who hit the bricks. It’s as though the man hit a brick wall, although his target did wobble, but only a bit. According to The Guardian, the kicker was immediately restrained by security.

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