Don't Be Chicken: Check Out A Preview Of The Arrested Development Art Show

You may have noticed we’re still ravenous fans of Arrested Development and anxiously await those new episodes coming to Netflix. We’re also fans of Arrested Development art and of Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles, which puts Gallery 1988 Melrose’s upcoming show squarely in our wheelhouse. Opening tomorrow night at 7 PM, There’s Always Money in the Banana Stand features Bluth family themed works from some great artists like Aaron Jasinski (responsible for the painting illusion above).

Check out our picture collection below. We’ve scoured the web for preview pictures from the show with our special scouring hook hand made for just such occasion. What we hooked — while repeatedly saying, “Hey, brother” — was over twenty pieces of Arrested Development art which will be for sale at Gallery 1988 this weekend. I want to buy all of them. Good thing I have this banana stand.

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“It Is All Illusion” by Aaron Jasinski

“Out on a Limb” by Julian Callos

By Angryblue

By Fernando Reza

By Evanimal

By Glenn Brogan

By Ridge Rooms

“It’s an illusion, Michael.” by Jessica Deahl

By Danielle Buerli

Gob by Rich Pellegrino

By Rich Pellegrino

By Dan Black

Inspired by The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine (with Tobias Fünke as the Blue Meanie) by Scott Derby

by Priscilla Wilson

Tobias Funke pieces by Michelle Coffee

By Justin White

“Bluth Family Chicken Dance” (detail) By Ian Glaubinger

By Fred Harper

“Friend of Dorothy” By Anthony Petrie

By Miranda Dressler

“Bluth Thanksgiving” by Cuyler Smith