The Ashley Madison Hack Revealed The Cities With The Most Cheaters


The Ashley Madison hack has exposed a lot of cheaters (and hypocrites), but some people are probably thinking, “Well, at least it’s no one I know!” But if those precious innocents knew exactly where all those cheaters lived, they might not be so confident. Dadaviz sifted through all of that newly revealed data, and compiled a chart of the world’s cities with the most Ashley Madison accounts. The top 25 results… are not that surprising at all, actually.

As you can see, São Paulo, Brazil tops the list with 374,542 Ashley Madison account holders. But we’ve all seen what Brazilian women look like, so how surprising is this to discover? (Answer: Not at all.) Next on the list was New York City with 268,171 accounts because, when you’re the city that never sleeps, you need something — or someone — to do when your wife falls asleep. And that doesn’t even include Brooklyn! Brooklyn, which is technically part of NYC, is home to an additional 110,859 account holders. So, don’t bother getting married if you live in New York City, any part of it. Ever. NYC was followed by Sydney, Toronto, and Santiago, Chile. But Times of India points out a very interesting detail:

Bear in mind that these numbers don’t take population into consideration — so while Toronto has a similar number of accounts to Santiago, Chile, it has about half the population.

That means that the odds of you sharing poutine with an Ashley Madison scumbag are pretty high. So much for Canada being so nice and polite! Cheating isn’t polite!

Visit Times of India to see if your city made the Top 25 list. Unless you’re married, in which case, go ahead and bask in blissful ignorance until you decide to check your husband’s phone. Because you know you’re not texting that guy while he’s in the same room with you! Who is that?

(Via Times of India / Deepak Kashyap)