Adult Film Stars Mourn August Ames And Condemn Social Media After She Was Possibly Cyberbullied Into Suicide At 23

Adult film star August Ames has passed away at age 23, via a statement from her husband (director Kevin Moore) as reported by the New York Daily News. An untimely death at such an early age arrives, of course, as shocking news. Yet the matter becomes even more tragic due to reports that Ames may have taken her own life. Such speculation began after police found no foul play at the scene of her death, and reports indicated that Ames suffered from long-term depression. To make the story even more chilling, Ames delivered a not-so-subtle middle finger to Twitter a few days ago.

To back up a few days, Ames ran into some intense backlash after posting a Sunday tweet about not wanting perform with gay male adult film stars.

The responses to this tweet got ugly with many accusing Ames of being homophobic, which she denied with a few adult film stars backing her up while discussing standard protocol on the matter.

Ames continued to defend herself with a series of explanatory tweets.

Following reports of Ames’ death on Wednesday, many adult film actors lashed out on Twitter. They’re condemning the massive onslaught of cyberbullying that Ames received and asking people to reconsider how they treat others online.

Ames’ husband requests that the public respect his privacy while he copes with the loss of his wife, who he described as “the kindest person I ever knew.”

(Via New York Daily News, Buzzfeed & The Sun)