Auntie Fee Is The Only Cooking Show Host You Should Listen To

Senior Pop Culture Editor
08.02.14 9 Comments

“It’s just something sweet for the f*cking kids.” With that, Auntie Fee immediately became my new favorite cooking show host. Fee, real name Felicia A. O’Dell, is the star of a series of YouTube videos, filmed by a male relative, that show her making meals in the kitchen. What separates her from the Rachael Rays and Paula Deens of the world, beside the fact that she can (and does) say a certain word that Deen can’t, is how she speaks to us, the viewers. Rather than gently explain to add some parsley to the chicken, Auntie Fee boasts, “This motherf*cker make any motherf*cking thing taste good.”

Get this woman a TV show, preferably on HBO. She can’t be f*cking censored.

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