This Doggo Has Won Over Our Hearts In How Terribly It Failed An Agility Course

The 2017 Crufts dog show hosted by the Kennel Club took place in Birmingham, England, over the weekend — a highly prestigious British canine championship affair that’s been held for over 120 years now. The Jack Russell Terrier in this video however, a rescue named Olly, is probably not indicative of the average Crufts competitor. This is because Olly is not very good at this.

But you know what? That’s okay! Because what Olly lacks in being able to complete obstacles, follow his handler’s basic instructions, and not faceplant in the middle of the damn course, he makes up for in chutzpah. Olly is having the time of his frigging life! Even the otherwise stuffy sounding British announcer can’t help but being taken with Olly, who says through laughter, “As you can see, he’s having a ball, loves life and exercise,” as Olly finishes up and naturally goes running out the wrong way off the course. “First, catch your dog!” the announcer calls after.

It’s safe to say that Olly probably did not take home any dog agility awards this weekend, but might we recommend that going forward, Crufts institute a special award in Olly’s name for dogs who make up in spirit for what they lack in, ahem, other areas.

(Via Jezebel)