‘Banksy of Bulgaria’ Turns Soviet Statues Into American Icons

This Soviet monument in Sofia, Bulgaria, was painted by an anonymous artist Daily Mail says is nicknamed “The Banksy of Bulgaria” (but since Daily Mail is saying it, she could also be nicknamed The Bulgarian Hammer, The Lone Tambourine In The Wilderness, or Susan, and they’d still say she’s nicknamed after Banksy). The socialist-realist statue was built in 1954 to commemorate the 10-year anniversary of Russia invading Bulgaria, which I’m sure the people of Sofia were really psyched to commemorate. Back then you’d get shot for getting near the statue with a paintbrush. Now people are too busy playing Angry Birds or Disaffected Proletariat Pigeons to shoot people over old commie statues.

The graffiti under the statue fittingly says, “Moving with the times.” These Russian Red Army soldiers were transformed into Captain America, Ronald McDonald, Superman, Santa Claus, and the Joker. I think the other four characters (right to left) might be Wonder Woman, Robin, Wolverine, and “we had a bunch of yellow paint leftover”…guy. I love that guy.

Via CulturePopped and DailyMail