A Crazy Tweet About Bath Towels Had Everyone Making Jokes

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Twitter is a powerful communication tool if you’re in certain industries. It’s also a powerful echo chamber where your own beliefs and feelings can easily be reinforced if you cultivate your feed a certain way. You only have to follow the people you want to, mind you, and that amount of confirmation bias can make you feel right now matter how weird your opinion.

But that might not include your thoughts about home goods such as bath towels. As one man found out this weekend, the amount of towels you are “supposed” to have is wildly different depending on, well, a lot of things. Yashar Ali, a New York-based writer, replied to a tweet asking how many towels you’re expected to have as an adult.

The problem is, well, he has a large following on Twitter and the minimum amount of towels he suggested is 50. For two people. Which is ludicrous.

For those that may not have as luxurious a linen closet as he, Ali later shared exactly what a bath towel is.

The most inexplicable part, though, was when he suggested you should iron your dang towels.

The replies were mostly bewilderment from people about how many towels that actually is for two people who may occasionally have guests stay over. But it also inspired a good number of just plain funny tweets that gently explored how ridiculous a total of towels the “ideal” couple has.

The best ones were the tweets that were much closer to reality.

There were quite a few movie and TV references in there.

This guy is playing another game altogether.

The musical segment of this meme bore some pretty amazing fruit, too.

A particularly fun sub-section was about very specific people.

As of Monday, Ali had changed his Twitter bio to include the phrase “I started a towel meme” so he’s definitely being a good spirit about the phenomenon. But it’s unclear if he’s inspired anyone to go out and fill up their linen closets.