Here’s Video Of Cillian Murphy And Eion Bailey’s Batman Auditions, While It Lasts

Last Sunday we posted Christian Bale’s Batman audition, which has since been pulled. He was wearing Val Kilmer’s batsuit from Batman Forever and reading for the role opposite Amy Adams. The video came from The Dark Knight Trilogy: Ultimate Collector’s Edition which released two days ago.

Now we can see footage of two other actors who auditioned in the Val Kilmer batsuit: Eion Bailey (from Band of Brothers) and Cillian Murphy, who impressed Nolan so much he was brought back for a different role.

Eion Bailey’s Batman audition is at 2:05 and Cillian Murphy’s Batman audition is at 6:23. There’s also some of Christian Bale’s audition in there if you missed it last weekend.

Here’s a higher-definition picture of Cillian Murphy as Batman:

Great audition, but he definitely makes a better Scarecrow.

And here’s Eoin Bailey as an extra-smarmy Bruce Wayne and a not-so-bad Batman.

I liked his Batman, but not his interpretation of Bruce Wayne. I can see why they went with Bale.

Pictures from Anne Hathaway and Cillian Murphy’s auditions as well as Tom Hardy and Aaron Eckhart’s wardrobe and makeup tests are available here.

(H/T: CBM)