Batman Parody Delves Into The Dark Knight's Unique Phobias

Remember the scene in Batman Begins when Scarecrow doses Batman with his fear-inducing hallucinogenic drug? “Batman vs. The Scarecrow” by Front Page Films re-imagines what would happen in this scene if Batman had a slew of mundane, irrational fears of things as varied as ukeleles, roombas, master thespian Christopher McDonald, Invisalign braces, Sunchips, Babe Ruth’s tiny legs, and fluorescent lightbulbs trying to save the environment “but at what twisty cost?”

I can’t blame him about the fear of roombas. Those things are dangerous:

And in fairness, that girl scout version of Scarecrow is terrifying:

Batman is played by Pete Holmes (who has a free podcast) and I’ll admit I yelled, “F–k you forever, Pete Holmes!” as soon as I recognized his voice. Sidenote: we’ve now featured Holmes’ impressions of both Christian Bale and Morgan Freeman. I’ll let you know when he impersonates Anne Hathaway.

The Batman parody also stars Matt McCarthy, Oren Brimer, Luke Sholl, and Christopher McDonald, who probably still has to deal with people asking if he eats pieces of sh*t for breakfast.

[H/T: College Humor and The Daily What]