Neiman Marcus’s Christmas Catalog Contains A $100,000 Versailles-Inspired Chicken Coop

11.02.13 3 Comments


I’ve always said $100,000 is too much to spend on a Versailles-inspired luxury chicken coop, but after reading this paragraph from the most recent Neiman Marcus Christmas catalog, I may need to reconsider that stance.

Dawn breaks. The hens descend from their bespoke Versailles-inspired Le Petit Trianon house to their playground below for a morning wing stretch. Slipping on your wellies, you start for the coop and are greeted by the pleasant clucking of your specially chosen flock and the site of the poshest hen house ever imagined. Your custom-made multilevel dwelling features a nesting area, a “living room” for nighttime roosting, a broody room, a library filled with chicken and gardening books for visitors of the human kind, and, of course, an elegant chandelier. The environment suits them well as you notice the fresh eggs awaiting morning collection. Nearby, you pick fresh vegetables or herbs from your custom-built raised gardens. You’ve always fancied yourself a farmer—now thanks to Heritage Hen Farm, you’re doing it in the fanciest way possible!

Hold on. Hooooooooooold on. Did that say the chicken coop has a chandelier? They’re joking, right? They have to be joking. No one would actually put a chandelier in a chicken coop, would they?


This is either the funniest or most catastrophically depressing thing I have ever seen. Maybe both.

(via Atlantic Cities, photos via Neiman Marcus)

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