Ben Affleck Revealed His Bizarre, ‘No Rhythm’ Pop Star Dreams In A New Dunkin’ Commercial

While the eyes of the world were on Taylor Swift during Sunday night’s Grammy awards, they may have witnessed the birth of a new pop star for the ages: Ben Affleck.

In a bizarre new ad for Dunkin, the writer/director/actor is seen pursuing his dream of making it big in the music business while leaning hard into his Boston accent. In the spot, an obsessed Affleck knows he’s a “middle-aged white guy with no rhythm” but that doesn’t mean he can’t take the world by storm with a giant donut around his neck. Although, he thinks TikTok is a person, so there may be some bumps on the road.

With Charli D’Amelio along for the ride, and not exactly thrilled with Affleck’s outfit designs, the commercial debuted during the Grammys, but it appears to be just the beginning of his donut-themed music career. The spot ends with an ominous “To be continued…” as a Dunkin-swilling Affleck threatens to show everyone that he’s got what it takes even if his wife won’t put him on her albums. Will that involve a rapping Affleck during the Super Bowl? That definitely seems like where this is heading.

That said, we’re willing to get onboard if Affleck makes his stage name “Wickid Pissah the Donut Kissah.” You will have our sword.