MSNBC Anchor Called Bernie Sanders ‘Bernie Sandwiches’ And Twitter Brought The Memes

Winning the New Hampshire primary by 60 percent wasn’t the only highlight of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ Tuesday night. The longtime Vermont senator also became a trending hashtag on Twitter and the subject of a popular meme, all thanks to a minor flub by MSNBC anchor Chris Hayes.

While covering the projected results of the state’s major pre-election vote, the All In with Chris Hayes host mispronounced Sanders’ name as “Bernie Sandwiches.” He quickly recovered and moved on with the live programming, because when it comes to the 24-hour cable news media, one should never let a minor mistake ruin the broadcast. Unfortunately for Hayes, the internet never forgets and always remembers — especially when it comes to all things politics.

Maybe that’s why Hayes’ face changed slightly as soon as “Bernie Sandwiches” left his lips. He knew that, despite all his efforts to cruise through the error and continue broadcasting, his words were about to become a meme. He was right, as Twitter jumped at the chance to replace the Subway $5 footlong-sized hole in its collective heart.

Unsurprisingly (and probably to Sanders’ disappointment, if he ever knew), Hayes’ words were just as quickly converted into a minor capitalistic enterprise via a new t-shirt design.

Most were happy to poke fun at Hayes’ flub, the idea of the “Bernie Sandwich” and more.

While others were quick to use the virality to condemn Sanders, Democrats, socialists and the like.

For his own part, Hayes gave a fairly reasonable defense for his mispronunciation.

(Via Mashable)