Bernie Sanders Saying ‘I Wrote The Damn Bill’ To Tim Ryan At The Democrat Debate Is Blowing Minds

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If you come for the king you better not miss. That’s what fellow presidential candidate Tim Ryan learned during the second round of Democratic debates. On Tuesday night’s event, the Ohio congressman tried to interrupt a rant from noe less than ever-punchy Vermont senator — and, now, Cardi B collaborator — Bernie Sanders. But he didn’t get very far. And he was instantly put in his place, because that’s what happens when you challenge Bernie.

The subject at this point in the debate was Medicare For All, which Sanders and others support and some do not. One candidate dubious of the proposed plan is Ryan. Sanders was listing all the ways in which MFA is comprehensive.

“It covers all health care needs,” Sanders averred. “For senior citizens, it will finally include dental care, hearing aids and eyeglasses.”

Ryan tried to interject, throw him off. “But you don’t know that,” Ryan told him. “You don’t know that, Bernie.”

But Sanders quickly shot back: “I do know it. I wrote the damn bill.”

Sanders was rewarded with an avalanche of applause, both in the auditorium and all over social media, where the line was singled out as one of the night’s main highlights.

Team Bernie was quick to seize upon the line, even throwing together a design for stickers, which you can already order.