Bernie ‘Senator Wingman’ Sanders Wants COVID To End So Young People Can Start Dating Again

If you ever needed proof that Bernie Sanders was the voice of the next generation well … here it is.

The senator from Vermont gave an impassioned speech, focused on ending the current pandemic, in front of his colleagues on Capitol Hill today, and our man repped hard for the things that matter to today’s youths. Mainly, the freedom to get busy.

Okay, fine. Technically Sanders was arguing that the younger generations are suffering right now because Covid has basically killed any chance of a social life, but the politician did mention the inability to date as a reason why so many are struggling with their mental health. The speech came as Sanders continues to push for a higher minimum wage despite the Biden administration pulling back efforts on that front. Sanders tried to introduce legislation into Biden’s trillion-dollar Covid relief bill that would raise the minimum wage from $7.25/hr to $15/hr but it didn’t get enough votes to pass.

Still, Twitter seems pretty proud of the internet’s in-touch grandpa right now.

Honestly, it’s so sweet of Bernie to think any of us are actually ready to interact with humans again but if he really wants to help improve the mental health of young people, forgiving student loan debt would be a better place to start.