Here Are The Best (And Worst) Deals From Cards Against Humanity’s 99 Percent Off Sale

11.23.18 6 months ago

Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity made its boldest statement yet against the perils of consumerism on Black Friday by, well, giving out the best deals on the Internet. The adult card game’s 99 Percent Off sale offered insane deals for limited quantities of — and sometimes one-of-a-kind — items at absolutely outrageous prices.

The daylong sale was a gimmick more than anything, one that continues a now-annual tradition of offering something strange on Black Friday to mock the concept of the shopping bonanza in the first place. But if you managed to hang around and type fast enough when the timer hit zero and the item(s) actually became available, you got some pretty amazing deals.

There were some extremely rare movie props, luxury items and some outright nonsense available on, which was an offshoot of the Cards Against Humanity site. A timer counted down a preview image of what you’re buying, and a guy in a red morph suit somehow interacts with it on a loop until it’s sold.

It looked a little something like this:

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