Twitter Users Throw Their Weight Into The ‘American Chopper’ Meme

Discovery Channel

Sometimes it takes a little while for a meme to really find its footing. Such is the case with the American Chopper meme, which is catching on five years after the “soap opera for men” was cancelled. The likely cause for its recent popularity is Discovery Channel’s announcement that the reality series will be returning with new episodes starting this May 28th.

The original American Chopper ran for more than 200 episodes, but the most memorable moment came in 2009 when Paul Teutul, Sr. and Paul Teutul, Jr. engaged in one of their most heated of their many fights:

Twitter users have been recently captioning five screencaps of the fight and imagining what else the father and son could be discussing. The earliest example was kicking around for years before being used as an inspiration for the new ones:

People like to imagine the father and son arguing about movies:

Or about Garfield being ungrateful. Jon Arbuckle is a decent man just trying to do his best!

The arguing continued, touching on topics of history, TV, and comedy these days:

Some Twitter users went to political and philosophical places:

Via Discovery Channel / BuzzFeed

Some people thought it was good for the discourse:

Others just wanted to argue about Star Wars:

And sometimes the jokes went a little meta:

(Hat tip and a thrown chair to Pleated Jeans, Buzzfeed, and Mashable)