Twitter Still Can’t Stop Joking About Eating Tide Pods

If you haven’t been keeping abreast of the newest dumb viral “challenge” going around, a small number of teens have been posting videos of themselves biting into Tide Pods on YouTube. This is really happening. Tide had to tell people to stop. Tide had to make a video with Rob Gronkowski telling people to stop. If Gronk is telling you something seems dumb, it’s extra super dumb.

Who could have guessed that The Onion would prove so prescient when they published a satirical article in 2015 (written by an imaginary child) with the title “So Help Me God, I’m Going To Eat One Of Those Multicolored Detergent Pods”? Then, last year, College Humor made a joke video about eating the pods. And now here we are. What a time to be alive.

Twitter has been making jokes about the Tide Pod Challenge, and there have been plenty of jokes made since the first time we rounded up a few.

Some of the tweets were kind of mindblowing:

Via Nyagga

Others expressed confusion:

Others are going to bust conspiracies wide open:

And people also spotted an opportunity to talk about how idiotic fads worked back in their day:

Others were all in on this delicious(ly fatal) new trend:

Some people boiled it down to “Ugh. Millennials.”

Others boiled it down to “Ugh. Politics.”

Some looked to the future:

And some realized this is just the reality we live in now: