Lay’s ‘Do Us A Flavor’ Crowdsourcing Has Backfired Right On Cue

Lay’s has once again rolled out their “Do Us A Flavor” crowdsourcing to find new potato chip flavors, and the internet has once again refused to take it seriously. When we last checked in on the contest, pranksters had flooded the site with entries like “Government Cheese”, “Existential Crisis”, and “Hickory-Smoked Horse Buttholes” because we keep it classy on these here Internets.

This time around, people continue to be clearly sarcastic, while other entries leave us wondering if they were meant to be fake or if some woefully misguided soul actually longs for kale-flavored potato chips. Ah yes, more kale-flavored things. Just what the public was clamoring for.

Other things people were clamoring for? Some of them wanted food from a different brand than Lay’s and they weren’t afraid to let it be known:


Some suggestions took the available stock photos literally:


Hmmm, that needs something extra.


No no no. We meant it could use a little pizazz.


There we go.

Meanwhile, these people miiiiight be trying to insinuate something here.


We’re not sure what constitutes “drunken nachos” but we are intrigued:


But some flavors weren’t as appetizing:


And then others veered into confusing abstraction.


And finally, the most realistic flavor of all.

(Via Lay’s Do Us A Flavor)