Meme Watch: Good 10 Guy Greg Is The Nicest Guy To Let Ruin Your Stuff

Good Guy Greg is the dude who’s always going above and beyond to help out his buds, while 10 Guy is really, really high. Together, they form the well-intentioned destruction Voltron known as Good 10 Guy Greg. If you need to loan out your car and get it back with a tank full of piping hot cheese sauce, Good 10 Guy Greg has the hook-up to make it happen. It’s because he cares so much, but is also far too stoned (10 on a scale of 1 to 10) to do it right.

The Good 10 Guy Greg meme started four months ago, but it recently gained popularity when Medikated posted a version of it at Reddit’s Advice Animals. Now we have many examples of this almost-helpful fellow collected below. All pictures via Quickmeme and Slacktory. Thanks to Nick Douglas for the assist.