Meme Watch: Joker Kid Is The Supervillain Gotham’s Playgrounds Deserve

This absurdly cute picture of a debonair toddler in a Joker costume hit the front page of Reddit six months ago, and I believe we even included him in one of our cosplay galleries. Yet Joker Kid somehow didn’t become a meme until now. There’s only a small number of image macros since this one’s brand new. I guess we’re just ahead of the curve.
This wee fellow is just the type to ask, “Why so serious?” Then after you tell him, he’d ask “why” again. And again. Until you start screaming. These “civilized” people, all it takes is a little push.
Our 20 favorite examples of this cute little supervillain are collected below, via Quickmeme. Hat tip and copious amounts of face-shredding Otter Pops to Tastefully Offensive.