Meme Watch: The Luigi Death Stare Just Turned ‘Mario Kart 8’ Into Creepy Hilarity

Mario Kart 8 released for the Wii U this weekend, and it’s already spawned a meme. The game’s amazing attention to detail leads to some possibly-unintentional but delightful scenes. One new feature of this iteration of Mario Kart is that the characters will look at each other and react to the players they pass. This of course means Luigi is cold-blooded.

The Luigi Death Stare players get when Luigi attacks or passes them makes it clear he’s done with being a supporting character and he is now all about that life. Suddenly, I need a Wii U.

We’ve collected our favorite GIFs and videos from the burgeoning Luigi Death Stare collection at this NeoGAF thread. Thanks to CVG for the heads up.

There’s a lot more on the next page. We had to break it up because the files are huge.

(NSFW audio)