Meme Watch: These ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Memes Explain Why They Fight

Captain America: Civil War doesn’t open until May 6th, 2016, but it’s already become a meme. These image macros gained popularity over the weekend, particularly on Tumblr, with the typical panel portraying Iron Man and Captain America disagreeing over minor things like toilet roll direction and the pronunciation of GIF. For the record, Iron Man is wrong about “GIF”, as he’s often depicted being wrong about things in this meme. To be fair, he did create Ultron in the movie version (instead of Hank Pym in the comics), so he’s destined to take a turn in the barrel for that one.

We’ve collected our favorite Captain America: Civil War memes here. Special thanks to Jeff and Sunny for making many of these.

captain-america-civil-war-memes-rdj-hits-chris-evans-with-towel-1a captain-america-civil-war-memes-rdj-hits-chris-evans-with-towel-1b