The ‘Man Looking At Other Woman’ Meme Is Hoping You Aren’t Checking Out Other Memes Today


Stock photos are often fodder for memes and running jokes, whether they’re being used as visual shorthand to try to explain hacking to old people watching cheesy local news stories or they’re being repurposed with emails from aspiring porn stars. And now, the expository picture above has lent itself to a meme.

The picture first appeared on Shutterstock before it was used in a joke on Instagram:

The meme didn’t really pick up until this month, after this tweet made the rounds:

This tweet was later reposted without credit by another account and received over 50,000 retweets. From there, the meme started showing up throughout social media:

Sometimes people referenced other memes:

And sometimes two people had the same thought:

And sometimes things got a little too real:

(Hat tip to Dorkly, Reddit, and Know Your Meme)