Beyonce Helped Make A Proposal Happen On Her Formation World Tour

A novelty proposal is a tricky thing. It not only heaps on heightened pressure to an already anxiety-inducing routine, it’s salt ready waiting for a rejection’s wound. After all, for every successful question popped that goes viral, there are countless failed, awkward, or outright dumbfounding ones. But when Queen Bey herself agrees to share the stage and help orchestrate the reveal, it’s hard to imagine an outcome unworthy of a stadium-sized audience.

During a stop in his native St. Louis, Formation World Tour creative director and choreographer John Silver got a little help from Beyonce to give his girlfriend a proposal of unrivaled bragability. Halfway through her performance of “Single Ladies,” Beyonce requests the music be cut, and that’s when Silver takes the mic and makes his move. After offering a shoutout to his hometown, he gestures to girlfriend Ashley Everett, another of Bey’s backup dancers, to join him. Holding her hand, he commends her ability to deal with his “nonsense and B.S.” before lowering to one knee amidst a sea of screams and cheers. She says yes (obviously) and Beyonce returns to congratulate the newly engaged couple.

The show must go on, and Beyonce dips right back into the anthem’s chorus, giving the bride-to-be the perfect excuse to show off her new bling.

(Via Daily Dot)