Bill Burr Scorches The NFL For Promoting ‘Black Lives Matter’ While Still Scheduling Extra Games Despite CTE Risks

After spending the back half of the summer railing against anti-vaxxers and the politicians who encourage them, comedian Bill Burr is setting his sights on his biggest target yet: the NFL. During the latest episode of his Monday Morning podcast, Burr took the league to task for promoting Black Lives Matter while refusing to listen to players’ concerns over playing unnecessary games.

While calling the NFL “hypocrites” for commissioner Roger Goodell’s “bizarre” decision to extend the regular season after players asked to remove at least one exhibition game for safety concerns. The whole thing didn’t sit well with Burr, and he let the league know it. Via Mediaite:

“Dude how funny is it that the NFL has Black Lives Matter written on the back of their helmets as they also make the predominately black league play an extra football game every year after all the shit they know about CTE,” Burr ranted on his Monday Morning podcast.

Of course, the NFL can ignore Burr’s warning at its own risk, but it should probably be aware that the comedian accurately predicted a COVID breakout in Milwaukee following the Bucks’ NBA playoff run. Back in July, Burr blasted Bucks’ fans “who probably created a new variant of the f*cking coronavirus” during their “no masks no condoms” celebration.

“Jesus Christ, they [may as well] have put f*cking COVID in liquid form and just put it into a crop duster and just f*cking flown right over that goddamn crowd,” Burr ranted at the time. Two weeks later, 491 cases were traced back to the Bucks event. So again, we’re not saying Burr is Nostradamus or anything, but the NFL might want to hear him out. He’s on a hot streak.

(Via Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast)