This Angry Blacksmith Hilariously Settles 9/11 Conspiracy Theorists’ Jet Fuel Argument

This video is absolute gold and features a fella wasting no time. He’s an effective public speaker for one simple reason — he cuts to the chase with his objective goal:

“I am taking time out of my busy day to put a rest to one of the more moronic things I have seen on the internet lately, and that’s saying something.”

Yes, that statement says lots of things. Namely, the man travels in different internet circles than the rest of us, but he’s revealing something we don’t see every day. He also has few f*cks to give other than disproving conspiracy theories through the power of his pinky finger. He’s loud, he’s willing to toss steel rods for effect, and he’s pretty damn funny.

The blacksmith deftly “proves” that fire can melt steel beams in an effort to smash a leading 9/11 conspiracy theory, which places blame upon orchestrated detonations for the towers’ collapse. This man confronts the “idiots” and takes a few short minutes to deliver his case. As he bends a heated steel rod with the help of a 250-pound anvil and his tiniest digit, the truth is revealed. The blacksmith crows, “It’s a noodle!”

Some people are still not convinced. The Facebook page‘s thread shows how some people will never stop believing.