Blake Lively Reveals The One Thing Ryan Reynolds Can’t Master

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Ryan Reynolds is a man of many talents. (He’s also what industry experts refer to as “a hunk.”) Holiday baking does not rank as one of those talents. Or at least the visual presentation sure as sugar isn’t.

Blake Lively merrily showcased her husband’s lack of Christmas cookie making pizazz on Instagram, which is an excellent social media service for shaming your significant other. The Savages actress placed the evidence online for the world to see and nodded to an important silver lining in the caption.

“@vancityreynolds made some Christmas cookies…” noted Lively. “He’s verrry handsome though.”

No disagreement here on the “verrry handsome” assessment. To be fair, those cookies could taste fantastic and Reynolds might be doing some kind of decons– No, those cookies look like they’re not up to snuff. Heck, that snowman looks like he ate his gun in Deadpool 2 and is haunting Reynolds’ thoughts.

As you may have noticed, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are quite good at Instagram and weaponizing it to poke fun at their partner. Last year, Reynolds offered a cheeky birthday message to his wife.

In 2017, Lively had a sly birthday message of her own to share that managed to outdo Reynolds’ history of gag birthday greetings.