Blooper/Gag Reels Are All The Rage These Days

When the Parks And Recreation blooper reels hit the web a few days ago, I remember thinking to myself, “Jesus, I don’t remember those old blooper TV shows being this funny.” Remember that one Dick Clark and Ed McMahon did together? That show wasn’t really funny at all and it ran for years. I suppose the ability to run blooper clips laced with NSFW language makes a big difference in how funny they are? Oh, and maybe the loveable nature of the actors involved may have something to do with it as well, I suppose.

With all of that said, two more fairly hilarious blooper collections hit the web over the weekend that are definitely worth the investment of your time to watch. The first is from season 7 of The Office — particularly, the scenes of Ricky Gervais losing his mind that begin at 4:33 made my heart smile. The second blooper reel I saw this past weekend was from the movie Bridesmaids — I promise it will make you fall even harder for Jon Hamm, if that’s even possible. Both are after the jump.

(HT: The Daily What & Beach Side Property)